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I’m a 27 year old singer songwriter with a folk/indie/contemporary Christian sound. I play guitar, keyboard, and the flute.

I write and sing songs inspired by those moment’s of stillness with the Lord. My mind runs busy even when my body stops moving ( something I’m working on). Imagine if we were still enough in our mind and in our actions to hear the Lord’s still small voice. Imagine if we were content enough with only Jesus. I am learning to Be Still and hear what the Lord is singing over me. In doing that, I capture small melodies in my heart that I turn into song.

I wish I could say I meet with the Lord enough or am still enough or even know enough but I don’t. Many of the songs you will hear from me come from struggle, life experience, people’s stories, heartache, and some I am still living out. I am far from perfect but I am not alone in that. I need Jesus.

I desire nothing more than for the music I write to inspire you to Be still and grow with the Lord.

-Summer Frost




After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Summer awoke in the middle of the night with a song on her heart. This became a reminder for her and us all that in this busy world if we keep our eyes on the Lord and instead of the waves, we are safe and secure. We only need to Be Still. 



This is a video of time Summer spent with her Grandpa, James Daniel Frost as he went through Dementia for years.


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